Domestic Disputes

An argument between family members can have far reaching consequences. Under Massachusetts law, if the police are called to a domestic dispute, arresting a suspect is the preferred way to deal with the issue. Therefore, it is likely that if the police are called to someone’s house that someone will be arrested.

A conviction for domestic violence can lead to jail time and a host of other consequences. A conviction can prevent one from keeping or obtaining a firearm or lose child custody or visitation rights.

Given the stakes involved, if you have been charged with domestic violence, it is imperative to seek an effective criminal defense attorney to represent your interests. At Ryan Faenza Cataldo, LLC, we provide this type of defense. We will work to present weaknesses in the prosecution’s case, with the goal of obtaining a dismissal of charges, an acquittal at trial, or a favorable plea agreement. At all times, we are aware of the many collateral aspects of a domestic violence charge, and will work to minimize their effect on your life.

False Allegations of Domestic Violence

As repugnant as it sounds, falsely accusing a spouse of domestic abuse or neglect is often a shortcut to “victory” in divorce proceedings. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon enough. Our attorneys understand that fact and stand by clients who have been wrongly accused of domestic violence. Each of our lawyers has extensive litigation experience and will not hesitate to vigorously defend you and debunk those accusations in a court of law.

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