A Misdemeanor… is Nothing Minor

Did you know that a single misdemeanor conviction can mean limited career choices, fewer opportunities for advancement and the loss of your eligibility for certain types of loans?  It can mean all of those things and more.  At Ryan Faenza Cataldo, LLC we understand the seriousness of criminal charges and the serious consequences that can result.

The less you say to police officers and prosecutors and the sooner you talk to an experienced criminal defense attorney, the better your chances will be to minimize or avoid serious consequences.  Talk to us – Contact us online or call our Franklin Office at 508-528-2400 to arrange a free consultation.

If you are arrested for any of these charges, let us help you with your defense:

By taking the time to get to know you and to carefully, reviewing the facts and circumstances of your arrest, our attorneys are able to do a more thorough job preparing your case and ultimately, to be better advocates for you as well.

As a client, you will also benefit from their experience with cases similar to your own, their familiarity with local courts, and the credibility they’ve worked hard to establish with area prosecutors and judges.  These things can, and often do mean the difference between “a result” and “the best possible result” in any given case.

Schedule a free consultation today by calling our Franklin, Massachusetts, offices at 508-524-2400 or contact us online.

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