Mediators are neutral, trained individuals who help family members facilitate useful discussion.  Mediators guide clients through considering possible solutions and options to address various problems through brainstorming, experience and attentive listening.  Realistic solutions are proposed and considered during mediation services.

Mediation for divorce has great benefits to divorcing couples.  While lawyers [may be] used as reviewing attorneys in mediation, in many ways, it is divorce without a lawyer.  This gives people who want a friendly divorce the chance to move forward in their lives without the bitterness that generally accompanies litigated divorces.  Throughout the divorce mediation process, many issues may be discussed including alimony and spousal support, property division, child related matters and legal separation.  The above information is from the Massachusetts Council on Family Mediation web site  Attorneys at Ryan Faenza Cataldo, LLC are trained in mediation techniques.

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