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My oldest daughter called me last weekend after looking at a house she and her husband liked. She asked me “what do I do next?” While she is a CPA and very smart in her area of expertise, the next steps in this process were unfamiliar to her. Turns out, her husband’s uncle is a real estate attorney. I suggested they contact him for a referral to a good real estate agent to look at other houses in the area before they make an offer.

Not knowing what to do about something is unsettling. Turning to family or a trusted friend is an option you may or may not have. Getting the right advice about your particular situation is very important and the wrong advice may have a huge impact on your life.

To many, the idea of contacting a lawyer is a frightening concept. Who do I call? What do I say? How much will it cost? According to a survey by Findlaw.com, the issues for which people were most likely to hire a lawyer were divorce, estate planning, and housing.[1] The internet makes searching for a lawyer very simple.

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