Think taxes don’t matter if you are getting a divorce? Uncle Sam and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts take a much greater interest in your legal separation than you may think. A seasoned attorney will help you identify some of the following questions and sort out if you are going through a divorce. Contact us today to get the answers you need!

  • Will support be tax deductible by the payor and taxable to the recipient? 
What happens if the taxing authorities disallow the deduction for support?
  • Will we file jointly or separately this year? Next year? If we file jointly who will get the refund or make the payment?
if we file separately who gets credit for the estimated taxes paid?
 If we file separately who will take the dependents exemptions for the children? Who receives the child care credit?
  • Who will be able to claim the mortgage interest and taxes paid on the home as deductions?
 Who will claim or be entitled to the investment gains or losses?

    Attorney Mal Ryan- Founding Partner of Ryan Faenza Cataldo, LLC

  • Can I deduct any of my legal fees on my tax return?
  • Who gets to file head of household status?
  • Who pays the accountants fees?
  • If there are penalties and interest who is responsible for those?
  • What happens if one party doesn’t furnish their information timely?
  • Can a Court force you to file jointly? What if you refuse and you pay more in taxes?
  • If our house is sold, who will pay the capital gains taxes?
  • What happens if someone is less than forthcoming with reporting income and claiming deductions?
  • What happens if joint returns get audited—who pays the expenses?
  • Who pays the taxes?
  • If only one party receives notice from the IRS what obligations does he or she have to notify the other party on the joint return?